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MYOB software is a 'standard' off-the-shelf software. We have sucessfully implemented the MYOB software for more than 800 companies who operate businesses in many different industries, and  of varying complexities and sizes.

We highlight some of the cases we have handled, with the main purpose of introducing the MYOB features, its application and the benefits to the clients.

Our consultants worked with the clients, and trained them to use all or most of the features of MYOB software; this enables them to automate every aspect of their business, which in turn lead to increased efficiency.  

The cases we highlight here are unique and special in their own ways. We hope we have impressed upon you that MYOB is suitable for most  businesses. Whatever business you may be in,  let us show you how we will set it up, and when we are  done, you will be the judge.    

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Implementation notes - - addressing the concerns of the business owners.   
 JMSB Trading in Recyced  products  MYOB Accounting v18 2009 1

 For this company, trash is money.  They buy recycleable items such as carton boxes, steel frames, used construction materials etc from the 'suppliers',  and pay them in cash.  [The owner refers to these suppliers as 'customers' because without them, she will not have any items to re-sell].   When the stock has built up to a saleable quantity, they then sell the items to recycling companies, most times on credit.   Prices fluctuate daily.   CashFlow and inventory level is important. 

After we implemented the inventory system, the owners are able to know the exact stock quantity on hand,  the total stock value, and the average cost they paid for the items.      Also, with these information,  they now can assess their stock loss if there is a sharp reduction in the selling price of the items.   Previously they only saw the huge pile of trash in their large yard and their depleting bank balance.


 OB Ladies Boutique MYOB Retail manager v10 2009 1

 This boutique runs fully on consignment basis.  The  suppliers are paid only when their item is sold.  The owner needed an affordable POS system that can track the sale of individual pieces of clothing item belonging to each supplier.  At the same time, they need to be accountable for the supplier's stock consigned to them. 

MYOB RetailManager has a report titled 'Profit by Supplier' which gives a detailed breakdown of the supplier's item that was sold during a given period.   This boutique also makes use of the barcode printing feature in MYOB RetailManager to print the barcode labels


 MWD Bookstore 

 MYOB Retail Manager v10

MYOB Accounting v 18

 2009 3

 The owners took over the running of the bookstore from the previous owner and wanted a POS system to handle the receipt and sales of books. They previous owner used a cash register to record sales. 

They wanted a system that can record all the book titles, the publisher and the different genres.   Getting all the titles into the system requires lots of groundwork as each title has to be scanned and entered manually.  They employed students and part-timers to help out at the inital phase.   We also had to conduct a stock count of the books on hand, and there were thousands of titles to count.  All this while, sales need to go on.  We  had to work out a system to deal with such a situation and was on standby on first day of changeover from cash register to POS system, to iron out the problems as they arise.   


 KLBC Church  MYOB Accounting v18  2010 3

 Previous accounting system is not supported any more, and is accounting-centric.

The church also manages a few kindergartens. We entered all the students names as customers, and raised monthly invoices on a recurring basis.  This allows the adminsitrator to monitor the overdue amounts for follow up.  We are also able to produce analysis of collections, by class, no. of students,  and type of activities.  Previously such reports had to be prepared on a  spreadsheet and is time consuming. 

 LSS Trading in lab equipment MYOB Premier v12
 2010 5

 Accounts previously outsourced to freelancer.  Internally they used spreadsheet and word processing programs to issue invoice and PO.  They conduct monthly stock take to ascertain the stock on hand.

With MYOB integrated system, the inventory quantity and value is automatically adjusted every time there is a sale or purchase transaction.  In addition, they now could generate the profit per transaction, and by supplier and brand, something which they couldn't get easily previously.


 JL Quantity surveyor MYOB Accounting v18 2010 1

 Services performed are subject to Service tax. 

MYOB software allows you to tag a  tax code to every line of the transaction, and it will compute the service tax automatically, and keep track when payment is received.   You can then print the Sales tax report and use it to prepare the service tax returns without having to compile the information  again. 

When we were updating the backlog entries for the earlier months,  we discovered an oversight in the reporting of service tax for previous month.  Such an oversight will not happen in an integrated computerised system. 


 SISBManufacture ink for printing industry MYOB Premier v12 2010 5

 Need to prepare quotation for the finished products, which is manufactured from raw materials, whose price fluctuates.  

We used the 'Auto-Build' function to make a 'BOM' (bill of materials) to list down the raw materials required for the production of a product.  When you run a report of auto build for that finished product, MYOB system will take the latest purchase cost for the required raw materials to compute the total manufacturing cost.  The sales team can then use the costing to work out the selling price.  Previously they took a long time to work out the estmated product cost everytime a customer calls  for a quote. Now its just a mouse click away.