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MYOB Premier software V13 - Overview

MYOB Premier

 MYOB Premier has all the features of MYOB Accounting, with additional features such as : 

  • handles transactions and accounts in multiple currencies
  • allows more than 1 person access to the business datafile at the same time
  • has time-billing module
  • track stocks kept in different locations

Main modules :

  • Banking / CashBook                                                         
  • Purchases / Accounts Payable
  • Sales / Accounts Receivable
  • Inventory / Stock Control
  • Accounts
  • Job / Project costing

Main concepts

  • All modules are integrated with each other. Do things once only
  • Single entry
  • Real time; no batch posting
  • Developed with the layman in mind. No accounting jargons used.

Time saving features incorporated in the software

  • Save recurring transactions as templates. Don't need to re-enter them each time.
  • Store default sales and purchase settings for each customer and supplier - save time whenever you enter a transaction
  • Record details of your phone calls and correspondences, and set recontact dates so you follow up
  • Fax / email your documents (invoice, purchase orders, statement, receipts etc) to your customer and suppliers - save printing time and costs
  • See exactly what's in stock, on order and committed.  Stock listing is always up-to-date and accurate. 
  • Track profits by projects (jobs) and branches (categories)
  • All reports can be sent to Microsoft Excel (WYSIWYG)
  • To Do List report shows a a summary of  major activities  
  • Powerful search function


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Home MYOB Accounting software MYOB Premier software V13 - Overview