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MYOB Cheque Writer

 ONLY Available from our Company!!

FREE :  250 pieces of pre-printed payment vouchers cum cheque printing solution, with every purchase of MYOB Accounting software. 

How does it benefit you ? 

1.  Present a professionally-looking cheque.

2. No more terrible handwriting (sorry if you are one of them!).

3. Prints the payee name, date, amount in words and amount in numerals.  Reduces margin of error. 

4. MYOB will print the amount in words.  No more wasting time making sure the amount in spelled correctly

5. The payee's name will always be correct, every time.  It takes data from the supplier master record in MYOB cardfile. 

6. Also prints the payment voucher and remittance advise at the same time. No duplication of entry.

7. More importantly, it signals that the cheque and the expenses have been recorded in the accounting system correctly, and timely.  The bank balance is updated the minute the cheque is printed.  You get real time cashflow balance. 


Sample of the pre-printed payment voucher (3 in 1 - payment voucher, cheque and remittance advise) :


Payment VoucherPayment Voucher



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Home Promotion promotion MYOB Cheque Writer