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How we determine our charges

We are guided by this principle when we determine our services charges:

In order to be successful in business, we have to sell our goods and services at a profit, and satisfy our customers at the same time.

If we satisfy our customers but fail to make a profit, we will  soon be out of  business.

If we make a profit without satisfying our customers, we will soon be out of customers.

Being Asian, and Malaysians, our customers often compare prices for services rendered.  In determining our service rates, we are treading a fine line between making a profit and giving a high level of service to you, our customer.

As your consultant, we charge a service rate which commensurate with our experience, skills, know-how, your business complexity, and the expected time taken to complete the implementation.

Our charges may vary according to what you bring into the equation.  If you have prior knowledge of the MYOB software, or you are familiar with systems setup process, and your documents are in tip-top shape, then we we will not require so many man-hours to attend to your implementation, and the service rates can be reduced.

For all the years of service, we have been able to provide a service level so valuable to our customers, that they were glad to pay a price that allows us to make a profit. 

We take our customers from 'no system' to a fully computerised business management system.  In the process, we introduce the cheque printing system, free cloud backup system, and give our clients a chance to work on their accounts remotely from anywhere as long as there is an internet service.  We also offer advice on best office procedures.      

We find this service to be a rewarding one, as we learn as much from our clients as they learn from us. It keeps us on our toes (and keep our brain active) all the time. 



Home Our Service Implementation & Consultancy How we determine our charges