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What's new in MYOB latest version

The latest MYOB Accounting Malaysia software, MYOB Premier v15 and MYOB Accounting v20, is released in May 2014.  The latest version of MYOB software is approved by the Royal Malaysian Customs Department (RMCD)  for purposes of claiming subsidy under the GST financial aid scheme.

Perisian Perakaunan bersubsidi diluluskan oleh Kerajaan Malaysia. No Rujukan Kelulusan JKDM KE. HF (121) 426/05-29

The MYOB accounting software Malaysia has incorporated several features requested by the Customs Department. This will ensure that all GST registrants are able to generate the GST 3 forms for GST submission.

 1. Malaysian GST Codes

MYOB Accounting has incorporated 26 Malaysian GST codes along with their rates so that the system can process the correct values for the relevant transactions.


 Tax codes in MYOB Malaysia



2.  Tax Forms

The MYOB forms section has incorporated all the required fields as per Customs Malaysia regulations. MYOB makes it easy for you to generate Tax Invoice, Credit Notes, Delivery Orders and receipt in the stipulated formats.


2A.  Sample of  Tax Invoice (in local currency) generated from MYOB software

 Tax Invoice


2A.  Sample of  Tax Invoice (in foreign currency) generated from MYOB software


2B.  Credit Note generated by  MYOB Accounting software




 3. Bad Debt Relief