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Top 9 tips on Choosing the right MYOB consultant

You have already decided to invest in the new MYOB Accounting system.  The next step is to choose the "right" consultant or implementer who will assist you to implement the MYOB system successfully, and in the shortest time frame possible.


Here are some tips for you. 

Implementing a system involves training you and your people. Look for consultants who are patient, and shows a keen interest in helping you achieve your goals

What to look for when you hire a consultant

  1. Do not base your decision on lowest prices quoted.
    If your consultant does not earn enough to last the long haul, he may be out of business, and you may not have a consultant to consult in the future.
    You consultant's responsibility is not just to install the software.  You need to consult your consultant for support, updates, enhancement, add-on modules, training, advice and troubleshooting.
  2. Your consultant should demonstrate that he/she has sufficient product knowledge, and is able to answer your queries without having to constantly refer to the  manual or a superior.
  3. Has the consultant sufficient experience in implementing the software for similar companies (similar in size  and  business nature), and is knowledgeable about the industry you are in
  4. Has the consultant undergone any formal training and certification from the vendor.
  5. If necessary, ask for customer references and check them out.
  6. Can the consultant commit to a timeframe to meet your needs
  7. Assess the consultant’s ethics and professionalism. The better consultants generally do not talk poorly of their competition, they do not pressure you into a decision, and the dealings appear to be above board. 
  8. Avoid consultants who deals in illegal or pirated copies of the software
  9. Is the consultant a good listener? The consultant should be able to grasp and understand your business, your needs, and your goals, so that he can assist you and your team mates become self sufficient after the end of the training. 



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