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Home Business Articles Why MYOB? Is MYOB easy to use?

Is MYOB easy to use?

I have no bookeeping knowledge.  Is MYOB Accounting software user friendly and easy to use?  

MYOB Accounting software brings all your basic business functions (sales, purchase, payment and receipts) together in one easy-to-understand and easy-to-use processing program. 

The system will reduce errors, eliminate duplication of work and provide real-time reports and analysis.  That should give you (and your team members) the extra hours to spend time on building the business.

Why is the MYOB system easy to use and user friendly?   

1. 70% of  our users (business owners included) have no formal qualification in accounting, yet they are able to use MYOB business management software to run and manage successful businesses. 

2. MYOB uses simple English words (not accounting jargon) and point and click concept to assist in recording the transactions.   

3. If you can use computer spreadsheet and word processing programs to issue invoice and create a puchase order, then you will find it easy to complete the transaction data entry window in MYOB. 

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Home Business Articles Why MYOB? Is MYOB easy to use?