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MYOB RetailManager software v10

MYOB RetailManager

MYOB Retail Manager is a complete retail management system - keeps track of supplier, customer, stock, staff, sales, profit, . . .

When you're in retail,  time is of essence. Your cashier must be able to process sales in a jiffy, and send the customer away happily. 

System must be easy to use, so that there are no long queues at the counter. Scan or type products directly, or search using custom fields.  Print stock codes from within the system

MYOB RetailManager allows you to set up low level stock warnings, and automatically create purchase orders for stock that has fallen below its minimum quantity.  Run stocktake on whole store, part of store, or a single item.

Run  promotions with ease - set up your start and end dates, and MYOB RetailManager will adjust promotional pricing autmatically.


Main features

  • process sales fast
  • manage inventory from end to end (purchase order, goods received, sales)
  • manage staff performance
  • can profile customer information
  • Check your sales and profit drivers at any time
  • Know your cash in the till at any time
  • Know your inventory balance at any time.  Never run out of stock.  Don't overstock.


Fast sales processing

  • Activate sales screen options to suit your business workflow 
  • Create payment types, and change the order they appear in sales screen
  • Skip fileds to spped up processing of sales
  • Hide or lock fields you don't want your staff to access  
  • Process cash sales, credit sales
  • Process quotes, orders & layby transactions
  • Capture and track customer special order
  • Link transactions to customers; easier to identify profitable customers (or group of customers) 
  • Capture sales, stock, staff, supplier and customer information with every transaction; enable you to obtain detailed analysis of store performance
  • Accept multiple tender types
  • Manage multiple float
  • Run promotions with ease - system automatically resets to normal selling price at end of prromotion 
  • Run a survery at the point of sale


 Complete inventory management

  • Keep track of stock movement
  • Track stock serial number and warranty period; easily lookup by serial number 
  • Classify stock into Departments, and up to 3 user-defined categories, such as Style, Colour and Size.  Easier replenishment and re-ordering of stocks
  • Run stocktake on single items, a specific department, or on all items in the store
  • Configure packages / kits  which allow you to create one master item and components
  • Different price points for items defined by customer, product category or department 
  • Add pictures to stock items - jpeg, gif, bitmap format
  • Set up low stock levels, and automatically create purchase orders for stock that has fallen below its minimum quantityl

Customer  management

  • Create customer groups
  • Email to customer group - promotion, best buys, newsletter
  • Print customer barcode;  create customer loyalty programme
  • Print mailing labels
  • Track details of purchases, date, amount, item purchased
  • Track unpaid invoice, payment made,
  • Print / email statements to customer
  • Create customer aging report, credit notes outstanding
  • Run reports on who's buying, what products customers are buying
  • Run a customer survey 
  • Run a report on lay-by customers, deposits paid   

Manage your Supplier

  • System prompts items to order based on minimum and maximum levels set
  • Print / Email purchase order to supplier
  • Easily convert PO when goods are received
  • Generate barcode for in-house product; prints barcode labels onto A4 sized sticker-labels; no need to buy barcode printer
  • Run report on goods received & returned to supplier
  • Run report on what items are on order, what  needs ordering, indent order
  • Run profitability report by supplier (prioritise shelf space)


Manage your staff

  • Run detailed sales analysis by staff
  • Run commisison report for staff : daily, weekly, monthly
  • Assign password and restrict accessibility to confidential information


Extensive Reporting

  • All reports can be exported to Microsoft excel, pdf, csv, txt files
  • Generate sales reports : daily, monthly,  and by customer and by period
  • Produce profit reports : by stock category, supplier
  • Know how much discounts given away by staff
  • Assess turnover, revenue, and gross profit on each line in real time


Main concept in MYOB RetailManager

  • Integrated system; no segregation between 'front-end' and 'back-end' system
  • Transactions cannot be edited after recording; fool-proof security
  • Requires a hardware dongle to operate
  • Each store runs independently; multiple stores can be viewed centrally via an enterprise module 

 Time saving features incorporated into MYOB RetailManager

  • Prepare promotional pricing well in advance; set start date and time. System automatically resets to normal selling price at the end of the promotion
  • Report of items below the reorder level; automatically create purchase orders for stock that has fallen below its minimum quantity;  
  • Generate reports at a click of a mouse
  • Easily lookup transactions; filter by date, staff, docket number, item code, customer code, and amount purchased
  • Automatic backup at day-end upon cashing up

Compatible with commonly used  point of sale (POS) hardware.  Very Easy to set up

  • Docket printer - minimum 40 columns
  • Cash drawer
  • Barcode scanner
  • Customer display
  • Scales
  • Touch screen monitors
  • A4 laser printers for printing reports and barcode labels

Ideal for  

  • Bookstores
  • Boutiques
  • Convenience stores
  • Mini market
  • Nail & Beauty salon
  • Gift and souvenier stores
  • Health food store
  • Sports Equipment
  • Wine stores
  • Car accessories
  • DIY stores
  • Hardware shops
  • Computer stores
  • Music CD stores 

 and all businesses with lots of inventory. 

Download MYOB RetailManager factsheet 



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