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Why we choose MYOB?

Why, amongst so many other accounting software in the market, did we choose MYOB products as a platform to add value to our clients' businesses? 

Note : We are not connected to MYOB company, in any way, except that we act as their professional partner to promote the MYOB software. 

Our main purpose is to add value to the MYOB software by providing training, and implementation services to those who decide to buy-in to the MYOB propositions. 

We only recommend MYOB products - be it accounting, payroll or point of sales, as we believe that the MYOB products provide value for money and is very suitable for SME business owners and their staff.   


The market that we serve is the small to medium sized businesses.   These are typically owner operated and face challenges of limited resources - money, people and time. 

The MYOB software was developed by the founders in 1991 to empower business owners with products and services that make business life easier and more rewarding.    They focus on helping users work smarter, not harder, and to help business owners build better businesses.  

We would like to help our clients build profitable businesses so that you will in return recommend the product and our service to your friends and your friends' friends.    

Why you should choose MYOB software also

1.  Worldwide recognition.  Used by more than 700,000 businesses and accounting firms in the Asia-Pacific region. 

2.  MYOB software emphasises on liberating  business owners and accountants from the day-to-day administration of business processes.  

3. MYOB is designed around the way you work.  You will be able to access all aspects of the business - sales, purchase, inventory and banking,  from one common place, which MYOB calls the command centre. 

4. MYOB software aim to be powerful, yet simple. The screen looks like the forms you normally would fill in,  but after you've completed, MYOB will do all the accounting double entries for you automatically, and posts to the relevant journals and ledgers.  What this means is that,  there is no further work involved to prepare the final accounts, because it is already taken care of for you.    

Therefore, we are very confident that anybody who can complete a form and follow some simple instructions can prepare the accounts using MYOB software.  However, we want to emphasise here that preparing accounts is very much different from understanding accounts.  You will still need the services of your accountant, at least to help you file the annual tax returns. With MYOB software, you can reduce your compliance costs, and you only pay for advisory services.      



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