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What can we, your MYOB Professional Partner do for your business?

As a certified MYOB Professional Partner, we are the MYOB experts that can help you make the most of MYOB business software. 

Every purchase of MYOB software comes with free 30 days introductory technical support - assistance via the phone, fax or email. 

If you require more support - customised training, form customisation, data migration, extended support period to assist you to get the software up and running, preparation of customised training manual, etc, we are happy to assist you. 

 We are the MYOB experts who can help you in these areas  : 

  • business needs analysis 
  • product demonstration  
  • installation
  • initial setup
  • one-on-one onsite training
  • guided implementation
  • form customisation
  • upgrading from older versions
  • On site MYOB troubleshooting
  • monthly accounts review (after the implementation)
  • update your backlog transactions
  • Accounts outsourcing
  • Business and tax consultancy
  • IT support
  • Remote support

Our Company is an approved MYOB Professional Partner

Our consultants go through a stringent selection criteria by the vendor.  We are subjected to an annual review of our skills, which include accounting and computer skills.   We undergo regular product training, and are kept up-to-date with the product development, tips and techniques.  

It also helps that our consultants are accountants by training who have years of practical accounting experience.  They can help you bridge the gap between your business requirements and compliance to accounting standards. 



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