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MYOB Malaysia Promotion 2014

Start the year 2014 on right footing!  Once a year promotion. 

This is our way of welcoming the new year, by giving lots of value to customers who are willing to take massive action at the beginning of the year. 

Once you get your accounts organised and automate your business process with MYOB software,  you can then fully concentrate on running your business for the rest of the year.

P/S  MYOB software is GST ready.  The Malaysian Government plans to introduce GST in year 2015.  You have only about 12 - 15 months to get your accounts ready for GST implementation.  Now is the right time to start.


This is what you will get for 2014.

1. MYOB software

2. 1 day training

3. 12 months phone support

4. 1 pc pendrive for backup purposes.

5. 250 pcs of payment voucher-cum cheque printing (for MYOB Accounting)

6. 400pcs professional payslips (for MYOB payroll) 


and Get a free upgrade to the GST approved version to be released soon. 


MYOB Malaysia GST version


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