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Home Tips for MYOB users MYOB BusinessBasics software V1.5 - Overview

MYOB BusinessBasics software V1.5 - Overview

MYOB Business basics 


MYOB BusinessBasics  is an entry level bookkeeping system, ideal for start-ups, sole traders and  service business.  It has modules for Sales & Invoicing, and CashBook, and General Ledger.  

It handles bookkeeping and simple accounting, and generates the complete financial statement (Profit & Loss statement, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance). You can print the 'General Ledger, Customer ledger and CashBook  at any time you wish.   It provides a real time report of the business.

Start your invoicing process by using the 'Enter sales' module in MYOB BusinessBasics, then print the invoice for your customer.  (The invoice format is easily customisable by you with a few clicks of the mouse).

Use MYOB BusinessBasics to track who owes you money,  manage your GST receivables and payables, and get an up-to-date balance of your cash and bank balances. 

You don't have to be an accountant to use MYOB software.   It is designed for people (especially business owners) with no previous accounting experience. 

By using MYOB BusinessBasics software as part of your business process,  you will become, what we like to call  Accountants By Chance ("ABC" ).  You will slowly learn how to read the numbers generated by the system.  Heh!  its your own business, and you should monitor its health and its progress. 

 Samples of reports generated by MYOB Business Basics

1. Income Statement

2. Balance Sheet

3. Trial Balance

4. Bank Reconciliation

5. Receivable Summary (Debtors Aging summary)

6. Analyse Sales, by month

7. Analyse sales, by customer

View the detailed features with screenshots to help you navigate around MYOB BusinessBasics




Home Tips for MYOB users MYOB BusinessBasics software V1.5 - Overview