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MYOB Malaysia offer

 Latest MYOB Malaysia Promotion 

Great news!  MYOB Malaysia is offering cashback of up to Rm200.00 for purchase of its latest MYOB Accounting software - MYOB Accounting, MYOB Payroll and MYOB Retail Manager.

Hurry, call us at 016-212 0476 before the month is over!  Promotion ends April 30, 2013.

myob promotion


Take action TODAY.  Invest in the latest version of MYOB accounting software at a discount.  

Contact us NOW,  before you get caught up with the election frenzy!

** Additional rewards for early adopters! 



Details of MYOB promotion

 MYOB Software type


of users




Amount (RM)

Price After


 MYOB Accounting  (single user)                        
 1 1599.00 150.00 1449.00
 MYOB Premier (Single user) *
 1 2799.00 200.00 2599.00
 MYOB Premier (3 users) *
 3 3799.00 200.00 3599.00
 MYOB Payroll, single user
 1 1399.00 150.00 1249.00
 MYOB Retail  Manager, (single user) *
 1 2699.00 200.00 2499.00

 * You can add additional users when the need arises. 


Mind Your Own Business the Right Way. 

Buy MYOB Software for the right reasons.   Buying an accounting software is an investment - it should help you grow your business over the years. 

Here are some reasons why you should buy MYOB Accounting software, from us

1. MYOB accounting saves TIME for you and your staff,  and time is money. Why waste time on manual processes, when the system can automate them.  Reduce duplication of work.  Eliminate errors. 

2. MYOB Accounting is easy to set up, learn and use. Let us demonstrate to you that you can create a new file, enter your first invoice, and sent it out to your customer within 10 minutes. Then you can start collecting the money! 

3. MYOB Accounting software is powerful, yet affordable.  Our software has features found in higher end software; for example, our jobs list features will help you analyse the profitability of a project with a click of a mouse.

4. Do you know that you can use MYOB Accounting software as a cheque writer.  Your accounts get updated and at the same time you get professionally written cheque, payment voucher and remittance advise. All in one. 

5. Software package comes with 30 days introductory technical support. If you need assistance to setup and implement the system,  we have various training programmes to cater to your requirement. Of course, it helps that we are trained accountants with 25 years commercial experience. 


So, why wait? Contact us now.  

By phone : +6 016-212 0476, 

By email : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  


Home Promotion promotion MYOB Malaysia offer