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1. Why do I need training, in the first place

Yes, we don't deny that MYOB is easy to use.

MYOB software is rich in features,  and some of these features don't seem apparent to the user, unless its' usage is highlighted in the context of the individual business settings.   These features are not critical to the everyday running of the business, but they will help you make better decisions. 

We have come across several business-owners who have set up the entire system on their own.  They are not accountants;  they are entrepreneurs who are used to taking challenges in their stride, and learning a new software is one of them.  And generally, they are able to produce a set of accounts to present to the tax authorities and auditors. 

As trainers and consultants, we will highlight those advanced features so that you will get it right the first time. 

When we come onsite, we focus our training on your actual situation, and existing processes. We will provide advise on how best to process the transaction by using the MYOB software in your daily routine.