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MYOB On Site Training - Retail Manager Training

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 5. Onsite Training  : MYOB Retail Manager

Running a retail business means you need to properly manage your cash and inventory. We will provide training for  2 major parts of the implementation

Part 1 : initial setup of retail system

Initial setup is the most critical part of the implementation process of a retail business. You do not want the cashiers to face a long queue on the first day of the shop opening.  You need to input the thousands of stock items into the system. Fast and accurately.

We have implemented RetailManager for bookshops, mini markets, and pharmacies. We know how best to get the stocks into the system in the fastest time, so that you can be ready to open your shop when you want to.

We will  train and guide you to setup the MYOB Retail Manager. We will use a lot of Microsoft Excel and Import / Export features available in MYOB Retail Manager to speed up the setup process. 


part2 : train the cashiers how to operate the system 

We will provide hands on training for all your cashiers. We will do a dry run, and the cashiers will take turns to handle transactions, such as

  1. cash sales
  2. credit sales
  3. discount
  4. returns
  5. serial number tracking
  6. accept different payment types
  7. query for stock balance
  8. promotional pricing
  9. cashing up at day-end
  10. stock take
  11. receiving stock into the system
  12. running reports

MYOB RetailManager is the best software for a retail business that handles lots of inventory.  A good POS software can help you increase your profits. MYOB reports will track your average dollar sales, average number of transactions and much more. These data are very important in a retail business.  After all, the retail business is a numbers and volume game.