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On-site training 

We offer 2 packages of on-site training:

1. Getting started right

2. Complete Implementation package 

The training is a personalised training, customised to your company needs.   Our consultant will discuss with you your needs, your constraints and your timeline in order to be able to come up with a training schedule that will meet your requirement.  

Why do I need training, in the first place, since it is mentioned that MYOB is an easy-to-use software?

Yes, we don't deny that MYOB is easy to use.

We have come across several business-owners who have set up the entire system on their own.  They are not accountants;  they are entrepreneurs who are used to taking challenges in their stride, and learning a new software is one of them.  And generally, they are able to produce a set of accounts to present to the tax authorities and auditors. 

MYOB software is rich in features,  and some of these features don't seem apparent to the user, unless its' usage is highlighted in the context of the individual business settings.   These features are not critical to the everyday running of the business, but they will help you make better decisions.  

As trainers and consultants, we will highlight those advanced features so that you will get it right the first time. 


To help you decide on which training programme to take, take a quick poll:

Which of the following category do you fall in?

  1. I know how to setup MYOB.  I learned it while I was in college / university.  
  2. I know how to use MYOB. I used it in my previous employment.   
  3. I should be able to setup MYOB by myself. I have setup other accounting software before this.
  4. I need help to setup the opening balances only.  I can handle the daily transactions.
  5. I have some knowledge of accounts, but this is the first time I am using a computerised accounting software. 
  6. I don't have any knowledge of accounts, and this is the first time I am using a computerised accounting software    
  7. I can't spare the time or the personnel to set it up properly.


Do it Yourself (DIY)

If you fall under category 1 , 2 or 3,  you may not need training, as you may be able to successfully set up the MYOB system by yourself.  You may want to sign up for phone support to assist you.   

There are several support features that makes it easier for you to setup the system by yourself, such as :  

  1. a detailed manual 
  2. a quick start guide
  3. on screen help (F1 key)
  4. 30 days free telephone support from the MYOB technical team. 
  5. subscribe to 12 months annual support plan, with free product upgrade / onsite support 


Getting Started Right - on-site MYOB training package   

If you fall under category 4 or 5 above, you can opt for various training sessions to get you started on a right footing :

a)  a half-day ( 4 hour) session

b) 1 full day (7 hours) session with / without  extended phone support

c) 12 hour package (4 sessions of 3 hours each) with / without extended phone support 



Complete Implementation package ("Gold" package) 

If you fall under category  6 or 7 above, you may want to take up our complete MYOB implementation training package to help you set up the MYOB system as efficient as possible. 

We usually carry out MYOB Training at client's premises, using your actual data in the training. 

We will first get an overall  understanding of your business, and find out who's doing what process.   We will ask you to specify any specific reporting requirements that you need, want and must have.

Based on the information we have collected, we will train and advise you on the following key areas:

  1. setting up the Chart of Accounts / Accounts codes that best reflect the specific requirements
  2. setting up project / department codes, where relevant
  3. enter the customer and supplier balances from last audited / management accounts
  4. enter the balances of other accounts from the last audited accounts
  5. enter accounting transactions as they occur.
  6. monthly bank reconciliation.  
  7. backup and maintenance procedures
  8. troubleshooting methods
  9. design forms (invoices, purchase orders, payment vouchers, receipts, statement) that are specific to your business

By the time we complete the onsite training, we would have covered all the procedures for the  transactions that are specific to your business, and including a session on how to read and analyse the reports generated by MYOB Accounting program.  

We will sign off after you and your team members have completed the accounting cycle for 1 month.  This will  ensure that the accounting records are brought up to date.  

The time required to complete the implementation will depend on your business size and complexity, as well as the extent to which the MYOB features are used.  it should not take longer than 3 months from start to finsih.

After the sign-off, we will provide telephone support and additional visits if required. 


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