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MYOB software is GST ready

Our clients often ask us - Is MYOB software ready for GST in Malaysia?    Our answer is - a resounding YES!  

MYOB GST logo The MYOB range of software has , and is still,  being actively used in other GST countries like Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and  UK. 

The development team in MYOB has developed the products for the Australian market more than 10 years ago (since the time GST was implemented in Australia in year 2000), and have also gone to develop the GST-compliant  product for the Singapore and New Zealand market.  The current MYOB products have in-built GST features, ready for any GST environment, including Malaysia

The range of MYOB software that is GST ready are : MYOB Accounting, MYOB Premier and MYOB RetailManager (Point-of-Sales software)     

MYOB software is a tested product in the GST countries, and when GST is introduced in Malaysia, it will probably only require some minor (localised) adjustments and it will be ready for use.  

Probably, the only thing to customise the software is to add in specific GST report, if any,  for submitting to the Malaysian Customs Department,  when the GST form has been finalised.

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