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MYOB Accounting - detailed features with screenshots

MYOB Accounting - detailed features with screenshots - Sales Command Centre

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MYOB Accounting - detailed features with screenshots
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Sales  Command Centre

The Sales Command centre covers the entire sales process - from creating quotations, orders and invoices, to receiving payments from customers, and printing statements and official receipts.  

Screenshot : Sales Command Centre 

Sales Command Centre


Sales Register

The sales register keeps all the recorded sales documents - quotation, sales orders, sales invoices, and credit notes  in one window for viewing and modification purposes. 

Screenshot : Sales Register 

Sales Register

Toggle between individual tabs for Quotation, Orders, Open Bills, Closed Bills, Returns and credits. 

Get a snapshot of a particular customer's status from this window.  

You can drill down to the original document by clicking on the arrow on the left side of the list to see the actual transaction.   This is an effiicient way to serve your customer when talking to them on the phone or face-to-face.  Go one step further and add notes of your conversation in the Contact Log window for future reference.


Enter Sales - Create Quotes that convert to Invoices

Use this function to prepare a quotation for a customer, and then turn it into a sales order with one click.  One more click turns the order into an invoice. 

Screenshot : Item Sales Invoice screen

Sales Invoice window

It doesn't require any accounting knowledge to enter a sale in MYOB Accounting.  Fill in the on-screen invoice format as you would do in a spreadsheet or word processing program.

There are additional fields in the Enter Sales windows which you can use to track the promised delivery date field to manage your delivery runs and better-serve your customers.

if you are subject to GST, include the  tax code for each line of service or product sold, to enable you to calculate the output tax accurately and on timely basis.  

The beauty part is that after you've clicked the 'Record' button, MYOB software will create the journal entries for you.  You can immediately view and print your financial statements (Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Customer Ledger, Debtors Aging etc) without waiting for month end (or year end) 'processing'. 

Track salesperson performance and your referral source. 

Find out which salesperson contributes to your sales figures by putting the name of your salesperson in the Salesperson field when creating an Invoice.   You can calculate salesmen commission using the Excel template that comes with the software.

Also, use the 'referral source' field to analyse which marketing method gives you a better returns on investment. 

Screenshot : Sales Analysis by referral source

Referral source

Screenshot : sales analysis by salesperson 

Salesman Performance

Receive Payment from customers  

Easily record payments received from your customer.  Record partial payment, full payment, and deposit payments on orders. 

Zoom in to the original invoice from the Receive payment window to check on the details of the sales.

Stock control 

If you track  item quantity and values,  your stock quantity and values will be reduced with each recorded sales transaction.

Know you stock balance with certainty, in real time;  stop wasting time on stock-checking all the time. You can cut down 80% of your time spent on unnecessary stocktaking.

Supporting documents and forms

After you record the sales transaction, you can print or email the documents (Quotation, Sales Order, Invoice) to the customers. The forms can be customised.

You can print or email the official receipts when they make a payment.

You can preview the forms before you print them.

Forms Designer - create your own professional looking document.

Design your own forms with the Forms Customiser. 

Pick the pre-designed layout that comes with the software, then choose the design options to create quotation, delivery orders, invoices, statements and official receipts that reflect the style and professionalism of your business.

You can include your business logo on the forms - great when you want to send an electronic copy to your customer; you will save time, get immediate attention, and get paid faster.

Sales reports

There are more than 50 sales-related reports to help you analyse your business income. Reports are customisable, can be exported to Microsoft Excel, HTML, viewed on-screen, emailed or exported as text file, and added to Reports menu for quick access.