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Find out how MYOB Accounting software helps you to track GST on your purchases, sales and payment transactions. 

Register for GST workshop  on   "Planning for GST with MYOB Accounting software "


This workshop is ideal for :

1. business owners who currently outsource their accounts

2. business owners who currently use other accounting software which is not  GST- ready.


MYOB software is ready for GST introduction in Malaysia.  It is widely used in other GST countries, such as Australia, Singapore and New Zealand.

In this workshop, we want to share our knowledge of the following topics to help you prepare for eventual GST implementation, scheduled for April  2015.

  1. Overview of the GST model for Malaysia
  2. Scope of GST
  3. Impact of GST on company's cashflow position
  4. Preparing for GST
  5. Accounting for GST
  6. How MYOB Accounting software tracks GST for Sales, Purchase, and Bad Debts relief claim
  7. GST reporting in MYOB software


It is very important that you understand the effects of GST on your business, so that you can better prepare for it.

 Register for GST workshop  on   "Planning for GST with MYOB Accounting software"


Existing MYOB users

If you are existing MYOB user, you need to upgrade your software to the GST version, and attend the hands on GST training.   

Contact us to upgrade your software,  or  register for hands-on GST training  




October 25, 2013 (2014 Budget announcement)

June 9 , 2014 (GST Act 2014 has been gazetted)   

GST in Malaysia


The Malaysian Prime Minister announced in the 2014 Budget that the Malaysian GST will be implemented on April 1, 2015, at the rate of 6%.  

Parliament has debated and approved the new tax.  The GST Act has been gazetted.  GST is set to be implemented come April 1, 2015. 

GST registrations was opened in June 2014.  and will close on Dec 31, 2014.     

GST will replace the existing Service Tax (6%) and the Sales Tax (10%) that is currently imposed on certain industries and business entities.  GST is a wider tax compared to any of the existing tax.

For the business owner, GST is not about the Cost.  The Goods and Services Tax is passed on down the supply chain, until it reaches the end consumer. 

For a business, GST is about  managing your cashflow. 

It is very important to track the GST paid (input tax) and GST collected (output tax) so that you will not run into a cashflow problem when you need to remit the net GST to the Government. 

As for the consumer, you need to practice prudent spending. 

P/s :  Take note that costs incurred to purchase accounting software and to attend trainings to get your business ready for GST implementation, will be eligible for double tax deduction. 

There is also a rebate given in the form of GST eVoucher of Rm 1,000.00 to subsidise the purchase or upgrade of GST approved accounting software.  


Is MYOB software GST compliant?

MYOB Accounting software obtained its 'seal of approval' from the Royal Malaysian Customs Department as one of the approved accounting software for SMEs to obtain financing for purchase of accounting software.  It has undergone stringent tests by Customs to ensure that it meets the requirement of Malaysian GST regulations.


Malaysian GST Workshop : Insight to GST

GST is set to be introduced in Malaysia.  Attend our GST insights workshops and learn firsthand how GST will impact your business in Malaysia, and why you need to be prepared.


How you can prepare for GST in Malaysia

The Malaysian Government proposes to introduce the Goods and Services Tax (GST) on 2015 April 1. To help you along, we have prepared a simple check list to assess your preparedness for Malaysian GST implementation.

GST will replace the existing Sales and Services Tax (SST).  GST will affect NOT ONLY accounting, finance, or tax personnel, but ALL levels of staff , including those from sales, operations, logistics and even human resource.  

What can you to do prepare for the eventual introduction of GST?


MYOB software is GST ready

Our clients often ask us - Is MYOB software ready for GST in Malaysia?    Our answer is - a resounding YES!  

MYOB GST logo The MYOB range of software has , and is still,  being actively used in other GST countries like Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and  UK. 

The development team in MYOB has developed the products for the Australian market more than 13 years ago (since the time GST was implemented in Australia in year 2000), and have also gone to develop the GST-compliant  product for the Singapore and New Zealand market.  The current MYOB products have in-built GST features, ready for any GST environment, including Malaysia